Tuesday, July 5 2016

By July 29th, upgrading to Windows 10 will no longer be free to upgrade and by October 31st Microsoft will limit their support for Windows 7. For those that have a greenBYTE computer loaded with Windows 7, come on down to greenBYTE before July 29th to get a wipe, reload and upgrade to Windows 10 for just $15!

Wednesday, July 6 2016

We have updated our stock Four refurbished towers all set and ready to be sold! Contact us if you're interested.


Wednesday, July 27 2016

Today, we recieved an email from a woman named Bonnie. She found out website in a search for computers for low income families and asked what our program was about. In her emial, she explained that her son, who is about to enter Grade 9 this upcoming September, doesn't have a computer that is up to date and efficient enough to be used for his schooling. We all know that to every child, especially those entering secondar school, access to a computer is a cruical thing to have in this technological era. We are commited to aiding the local youth in bridging the "digital divide", so we did what we do best here at greenBYTE - we provided him a laptop just in time before school starts. It's just the right thing to do!